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Gary Owens Reminiscing about KIMN in the 50's
KIMN Jingle Montage
Selections from early 60's thru early 80's
Smilin' Jack Merker 1961
"...on spectacular radio KIMN Radio One!"
POGO POGE!!!  Oct 1964
"Bless your lovin' hearts" and a good remote at Celebrity Sports Center goes south when Pogo can't hear his cues.
Paul Anderson Oct 1964
  Time to play "High-Low"
John Nelson  Oct 1964
With the Hit Parade Survey Countdown
KIMN Friday Night Football Report '64

"and in the AFL, San Diego at Boston"
Don Martin Traffic 1964
Hear Don get silly high in the sky
Judy the KIM Weather Girl
'64 with a "GEAR" ad for the Galaxy
Johnny Rivers Concert Promo
'64 The Exciting Johnny Rivers... by a seemingly uninspired Jay Mack
Hal 'Baby' Moore December '66
The original motormouth playing his "Heavy Heavy records... GROOOOOVY!"
Jay Mack 1970
A real gem, courtesy of Wayne Yaffee
Mike Butts  '74
"gas may go as high as 75 cents a gallon!"
The Drive Thru '74
"uh, boss, about our front doors..."
Lee Randall '76
With keen insight of Hall & Oates
Danny Davis September '76
"It's the beer and popcorn that turn me on..."
Ed Greene '77
  KUSA-TV's Weather Guy in his Rock & Roll days
Loren Owens '78
"Win a free DISCO suit!"
I'd Rather Be In Denver
  A cool long form jingle
The Best Show In Denver
And another extra long jingle
Steve Kelly '80
  Including a confrontation with Ali
Wayne Yaffee
a jingle plus Wayne with news about Sid King
Chuck Buell Aug 6, 1982 Storm
The huge rainstorm, as reported by Chuck.
KIMN Composite 1986
including Paxton Mills, Randy Jay, Stu Evans, Man Mountain Murphy and John Hendricks
KIMN Promos
that aired in the mid 80's
The News we had dreaded
Scott Killgore breaks the news of KIMN's end, on the air
KIMN's Last Day Part 1
April 23, 1988 With Paxton Mills & The Hawk
KIMN's Last Day Part 2
With guest "Bellboy" Gunderson
KIMN Final Newscast
"A Denver legend dies within the hour".
KIMN's Last Day Part 3
With Jay Mack
KIMN's Last "live" Minutes with Paxton & The Hawk
A 19 hour "30th Anniversary" retrospective which first aired in 1984 followed
KIMN jingle package Part One
which aired minutes before the station signed off forever,
KIMN jingle package Part Two
The end of this recording is the last thing that ever aired on KIMN, 950 AM at noon on April 24, 1988. Thanks to Scott Killgore for this moment on tape.
Dusty Saunders
The Rocky Mt News reporter remembering KIMN
George Weber & Ed Greene
talk about KIMN/KTLK wars and more
A special favor for the station from The Beach Boys!

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