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KIMN offered so many prizes and souveniors, anybody who was a TRUE KIMN fan had something from the Boss Jocks. This page is chock full of KIMN stuff from the vaults. If you have a slow modem, our apologies, but you're gonna love what we've got here!

How many of these did YOU have?


Pick them up at the Downtown Woolworths, Villa Music, Woolco, or anywhere fine 45's were sold. They were our lifeline to the hits... they started arguments... they settled arguments...

They were the KIMN Hit Parade Surveys!

Folded, stapled, marked, or lovingly preserved ~ the KIMN Hit Parade Surveys were the weekly accounting of the hits.

Perhaps your mom threw them out with your baseball cards? Well, we have a stash of old surveys from over the years for you to enjoy. Following are samples from their many forms:

Here's a KIMN treasure, from November 18th, 1957! A big THANKS to Craig Swank for the contribution!

and the other side...

January 1960May 1960

November 1962


The Beatles! 1964

Gavin Award Dec 16, 1967

July 1969September 1969December 1969

July 13, 1974

featuring the Patty Hearst FBI "Wanted" poster

July 28, 19731975 AM & FM!

1964 Year End


Great treasures! Many featured KIMN DJ photos on the inside or back covers. These offered gold hits of the era mixed with classic oldies.
The 1969 edition even included a bonus 45 RPM, Steve Alaimo's "Denver", which he premiered at Red Rocks. A nice effort with pretty memorable lyrics, (which means I'll never get these out of my head!):

"Denver, down in Denver, she might be in trouble,
Denver, down in Denver, got to get there on the double,
Now she's on my mind
But I can't get her on the telephone line
The lines are down in Denver,
And I can't reach her in Denver,
A love so warm and tender
Waits for me........... in Denver"

Anyway, on to the records!

1965, included KIMN jingles




Christmas season 1986

Assorted Goodies!

KIMN Hi Fi Club

Golf ball marker

Drink coaster

QSL Card(Reception verification card for hobbyists), 1979

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