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Radio Surveys

We picked them up at the Downtown Woolworths, Villa Music or Woolco. We studied them, we circled the records we had, underlined the ones we wanted, taped them to the wall, stapled them or put punch holes in them. We traded them, hoarded them, made deals to get the ones we missed (well, I did, anyway).

They were the KIMN "Hit Parade" Surveys!

Maybe you saved every one of them. Maybe your mom threw them away with your baseball card collection.

Here they are once again. Enjoy.

January 1960May 1960

November 1962


The Beatles! 1964

Gavin Award Dec 16, 1967

July 1969September 1969December 1969

July 13, 1974

featuring the Patty Hearst FBI "Wanted" poster

July 28, 19731975 AM & FM!

1964 Year End

And here are a few from the "other guys"

KBOL in Boulder

featuring future KIMN jock and KHJ Boss Jock-Johnny Williams

SOUL Radio KDKO Click for larger view

KICN 710 KBTR-710

KTLN, July 9, 1961
KTLN later became KTLK

(L-1971, R-11/29/76)

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