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Joe Wicks Airchecks for trade

The following airchecks are for trade. My preference is to trade for good quality cassette tape or CD-R with emphasis on the following:

KIMN 950AM - Denver, any era, looking for 1967-1969 especially. KTLK, KBTR, KDKO, KLZ-FM, KBPI-FM, KFML-FM, all Denver, primarily before 1975 KOIL, KOWH, WOW - All Omaha. Primarily pre-1975

The only other items I'd be interested in is any other Denver area or Nebraska stations, all 1975 or earlier.

SELLING: I'd really prefer not to. If you have nothing to trade, write me, perhaps we can work something out.

Thanks for visiting. And now... on to the recordings!

Joe Wicks Aircheck List: all on CD 12/11/04


E-Mail address:

kimn95 @

KALC-FM Denver 5/4/03 46:53:00 No "Alice"
KAZY-FM Denver 1/27/79 Steve Cooper 46:04:00 No Excellent
KBCO-FM Boulder 5/3/03 56:59:00 No Excellent
KBPI-FM 1/27/79 Pete McKay 45:38:00 No Excellent
KBPI-FM 70-ish Various Jingles 7:02:00 No Excellent, from their "Soul Music" period
KBPI-FM 5/3/03 47:01:00 No Excellent
KBPI-FM Denver 1970 Unknown 1:14:00 No Good quality. "Denvers' Rhythm & Blues Station"
KBTR Denver 11/1/65 Dave Diamond 20:18:00 Yes Excellent
KDJM-FM Denver 5/3/03 46:48:00 No Jammin' 92.5
KDKO-Denver Early 70's Billy Soul 2:28:00 Yes
KDKO-Denver Early 70's Blooper reel 5:37:00
KDKO-Denver Early 70's Don Miller 3:39:00 Yes
KDKO-Denver 1978 Don Miller 14:41:00 No "K-Disco"
KDKO-Denver Early 70's Dr Daddio 3:28:00 Yes
KDKO-Denver Early 70's King Arthur 2:05:00 Yes
KDKO-Denver Early 70's Nighthawk 2:00:00 Yes
KFGE-FM Lincoln, NE 11/6/98 Marsh/Hopper 47:00:00 No "Froggie 98"
KFML-FM Denver 5/21/68 Super Warthog 44:18:00 No Very good, "Underground station" some 60 cycle hum
KFMQ-FM Lincoln 9/9/77 Bruce Wheeler 30:22:00 No Excellent
KFMQ-FM Lincoln 9/8/77 Rich Meyer 27:59:00 No Excellent
KFRX-FM Denver 5/4/03 78:49:00 No The Fox
KGFW Kearney, NE 9/10/77 Dirk Christiansen 61:20:00 No Excellent
KHJ-Los Angeles 1965 Robert W Morgan 40:00:00 No "Cruisin' 1965" program
KHOW Late 70's Hal and Charlie 1:49:00 No
KHOW 3/26/79 Harry Smith 46:06:00 No Excellent
KHOW Late 70's Harry Smith 13:39:00 No
KHOW Late 70's Ray Durkee 11:09:00 No "Sunday at the Memories"
KHOW Late 70's Tim? 12:36:00 No
KHOW 4/2/79 Hal and Charlie 29:04:00 No Excellent
KHOW-Denver 1970-ish Misc A Capella Jingles 5:56:00 No Excellent
KHOW-FM 10/1/73 Charlie & Barney 135:17:00 No Mostly excellent. On 2 CD's. Stereo with occasional shift to mono.
KIMN 11/10/87 4PM News 7:53:00 Yes Excellent, includes part of Man Mountain Murphy show
KIMN 11/11/87 6:30am News 6:54:00 No Excellent, With Scott Cortelyou
KIMN 9/29/76 Al Jefferson 4:49:00 Yes Very good quality
KIMN 5/22/05 Beatles Magical Mystery 40:46:00 No Fair to poor quality. KIMN produced special on the "Paul Is Dead" rumors
KIMN 4/11/83 Bob Carson 3:32:00 Yes Good to fair quality.
KIMN 1962 Boogie Bell 28:48:00 Yes Good
KIMN 1967 Chuck Buell 6:04:00 Yes Oldies show
KIMN 3/26/79 Chuck Buell 46:11:00 No Excellent
KIMN 1/27/79 Chuck Buell 45:00:00 No
KIMN 8/6/82 Chuck Buell/ Randy Jay 23:32:00 Yes Very good to fair, recorded during huge storm, which plays a part in the program
KIMN 10/2/80 Chuck Buell/ Steve Kelly 25:54:00 Yes Good to very good quality
KIMN 3/24/68 Danny Davis 73:22:00 No Very good
KIMN 3/25/68 Danny Davis 48:30:00 No very good
KIMN 8/1/69 Danny Davis 6:33:00 No Good quality.
KIMN 8/18/69 Don Bell 39:16:00 No Good quality
KIMN Mid 80's Eric Burch 7:53:00 No KIMN News
KIMN Mid 70's Gary Owens 1:20:00 Recorded "Roast" for owner Ken Palmer
KIMN 12/1/66 Hal "Baby" Moore 10:45:00 Yes Very Good quality, Incredible high energy show
KIMN 9/21/61 Jack Merker 14:04:00 Yes Very Good quality
KIMN Jam "Best Show 2" Jingles 9:11:00 Excellent
KIMN ? JAM "Best Show" Jingles 9:10:00 No Very good quality. Presented by GM Steve Keeney
KIMN 2/21/68 Jay Mack 69:21:00 Some Good, some 60 cycle hum
KIMN 2/22/68 Jay Mack 6:32:00 Yes Very good
KIMN 2/1/70 Jay Mack 8:09:00 Yes Very Good quality, a true "KIMN Classic"!
KIMN Various Jingle Time Sweep 9:57:00 No Station produced. Jingles from 50's, early 60's and 80's, featuring Beachboys jingle and tribute to Ken Palmer final sing out.
KIMN 1988 John Hendricks 10:19:00 Soft Very good
KIMN 6/9/85 KIMN News 25:47:00 No Excellent (Composite)Edward R. Murrow award winning presentation
KIMN Early 1988 KIMN News 6:24:00 No Excellent, With Scott Killgore and Gene Price
KIMN Mid 80's KIMN News 2:11:00 No Excellent, With Wayne Yaffee
KIMN 7/2/77 Larry Taylor/ Ed Greene 14:33:00 Yes Very good quality
KIMN 4/25/78 Loren Owens 8:13:00 Yes Good quality
KIMN 3/26/79 Loren Owens 46:29:00 No Excellent
KIMN 4/2/79 Loren Owens 28:03:00 No Excellent
KIMN 1974 Mike Butts 2:50:00 Yes Very Good quality
KIMN 10/9/64 Montage 44:49:00 Yes Good quality. Paul Anderson/ John Nelson/ Pogo Poge remote with Chuck Buell at studio.
KIMN 1986 Montage 8:09:00 Yes Very good quality. Paxton Mills/ Randy Jay/ Stu Evans/ Man Mountain Murphy/ John Hendricks, News & Promos. Station produced demo.
KIMN Spring 1984 Montage 12:01:00 Soft Very good, Steve Kelly, Steve Alexander, Bob Simpson
KIMN 1972 Montage 1972 8:54:00 Yes Very good quality (Bill Stevens/ Big Al Brady/ Scott Kenyon/ Dave Thompson/ Brant Miller/ Jon Reed)
KIMN 9/30/76 Montage 1976 10:54:00 Yes Very Good quality (Lee Randall/ Jim Herron/ Danny Davis)
KIMN 3/1/60 NEWSIC 14:05:00 No Good quality, Includes part of Tim Tyndall Show
KIMN 1964? PAMS Jingle package #26 7:03:00 No Excellent
KIMN 1960? PAMS Jingles 5:35:00 No Good quality. 1960-ish collection
KIMN 70-ish PAMS Jingles "Home of the Happy Sound" 3:35:00 No Excellent
KIMN 1962? PAMS Jingles #17 7:38:00 No Good quality. Assume this to be PAMS. Titled as "KIMN #17".
KIMN Mid 70's PAMS Jingles #40 5:33:00 No Excellent
KIMN 1985 Paxton Mills & Scott Cortelyou 13:03:00 Yes Very Good
KIMN 1971 Randy Robbins 1:27:00 Yes Fair to poor
KIMN Mid 80's Scott Courtelyou 6:23:00 No KIMN News
KIMN April 1988 Scott Killgore/ George Weber 13:53:00 No Very good quality. News reports of KIMN signing off and complete final news broadcast
KIMN 1969 Stan Johnson 6:04:00 Yes Good, overnight show
KIMN Fall 1961 Tim Tindall 11:32:00 some Very good quality
KIMN 61 Tim Tindall 8:45:00 Very good quality
KIMN 12/30/66 Jay Mack 7:51:00 Yes Excellent
KIMN Denver 9/1/60 Dave Rogers-"Newsic" 6:54:00 No Good to Fair quality. Unusual music based news program
KIMN-FM 1/27/79 Greg Stewart/Bob Carson 45:38:00 No Excellent
KKPR-FM Kearney, NE 5/4/99 Dan Beck 50:11:00 No Very good
KKPR-FM Kearney, NE 2/5/99 Jim Zippo/Maria Danza 59:22:00 No Zippo's last hour on ABC Pure Gold Satellite Format
KLDR Denver 3/26/79 Danny Davis 47:29:00 No Excellent
KLDR Denver 4/2/79 Mike & Fisher 30:01:00 No Excellent
KLMS Lincoln 1949-83 Compilation full disc "The CD Volume One" History of station
KLMS Lincoln 7/2/77 Gene Conrad 18:11:00 Yes Good
KLZ-AM 70-72? Misc Jingles 14:26:00 No Excellent
KLZ-AM Denver 4/2/79 Jockey Joe 26:42:00 No Excellent
KLZ-FM 71-72 "Underground" Jingles 1:14:00 No Excellent
KLZ-FM 8/31/68 Bill Clarke 31:59:00 No good
KLZ-FM 8/31/68 Odie Cloney 28:08:00 No good
KLZ-FM 12/4/68 Odie Cloney/Part 1 62:40:00 No very good
KLZ-FM 12/4/68 Odie Cloney/Part 2 62:13:00 No Very good
KLZ-FM 68-69 PAMS Jingle Pkg #35 "The Innovators" 4:49:00 No Excellent
KOIL Omaha 1973 Carl Mann/Frank Parker 60:00:00 Good
KOIL Omaha 1962 Frank "Coffeehead" Allen 7:29:00 No Very good, some noise
KOIL Omaha 9/2/76 Gene Shaw 3:49:00 No KOIL SIGN-OFF Very good quality.
KOIL Omaha 62? Jingle Package 9:19:00 No Very good quality. Seasons, general and "Yours Truly-KOIL"
KOIL Omaha 64? Jingle Package 6:35:00 No Very good quality. "Number Wonderful"
KOIL Omaha 70? Jingle Package 1:44:00 No Very good quality. Variety includes "Mighty 1290", Drake style, "Rock of the Midwest" and "MusicRadio"
KOIL Omaha 1968 Roger W Morgan 61:41:00 No Fair, with some flutter
KOIL Omaha 7/4/77 Roger W Morgan/Bruce Vidal 16:59:00 Yes The "New" KOIL
KOIL Omaha 1962 Sandy Jackson 57:18:00 No good
KOMA Okla City 1966 Charlie Tuna 4:24:00 Yes
KOMA Okla City 12/1/03 Freddie Henderson 45:59:00 No DX, good to poor
KOMA Okla City 1/1/68 Jack Murray 3:12:00 Yes
KOMA Okla City 9/6/66 Mitchell/Dale Wehba 27:14:00 No
KOMA Okla City PAMS #15,17,18,25A&C,26 43:35:00 excellent
KQKY-FM Kearney, NE 3/24/99 Mark Reid Midday 31:10:00 No Excellent
KQKY-FM Kearney, NE 3/24/99 Mitch & Little Dave 31:10:00 No Excellent
KRGI-AM Grand Island, NE 9/11/77 Don Glaze 59:24:00 No Very good
KRGI-AM Grand Island, NE 3/21/99 Tom Mikkelson 46:42:00 No Excellent
KRGI-FM Grand Island, NE 10/1/97 Unknown 30:55:00 No Excellent
KSYZ-FM Grand Island, NE 10/1/98 Jim Davis 47:10:00 No Excellent
KSYZ-FM Grand Island, NE 3/23/99 Matt Parson/Julia Bradley No Excellent
KTLK Mid 70's "Let's Hear If For Denver" Jingles 1:35:00 No Excellent
KTLK Jam "Meltdown" Jingles 4:15:00 excellent
KTLK Spring 1972 Jay Mack 17:09:00 Yes Very good quality, different station - same Jay
KTLK Mid 70's PAMS Jingles Pkg #42 4:55:00 No Excellent
KTLK Denver 1970 Jack Armstrong 2:59:00 Yes Fair to poor quality
KXKL-FM Denver 5/2/03 Da' Boogieman 78:33:00 No Excellent
KXKL-FM Denver Jam "Be Kool" Jingles 2:11:00 Excellent
KXKL-FM Denver Jam "Forever Kool" Jingles 4:29:00 Excellent
KXKL-FM Denver Jam "Stay Kool" Jingles 3:45:00 Excellent
KXKL-FM Denver Jam "Too Kool" Jingles 6:54:00 Excellent
KXKL-FM Denver 5/3/03 56:54:00 No Excellent
WABC NewYork Jam "Logoset" Jingles 5:45:00 Excellent
WABC NewYork Jam "Pro/Mod" Jingles 5:04:00 Excellent
WABC NewYork PAMS "All American" Jingles 8:31:00 Excellent
WHAS-Louisville Jam "Dimension Two" Jingles 6:32:00 Excellent
WLS-Chicago Jam "Class Action" Jingles 11:42:00 Excellent
WMEX circa 1970 Bud Ballou 4:27:00 Yes very good
WMEX Boston circa 1969 Bud Ballou 43:37:00 No good
WNBC New York Jam "Nothing But Class" Jingles 7:17:00 Excellent
WOW Omaha 1977 Montage 18:45:00 Yes Very goodWingert/Lundy/Davis/Meyer/Spencer

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